Professor - Dr. Chih-Hsing Chu
Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
National Tsing Hua University

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Ph.D. Candidate
Dawi Karomati Baroroh

Ph.D. Candidate
Li-fen Yeh

Ph.D. Candidate
Jie-Ke Pan

M.S. Student
Shu-Han Wu

M.S. Student
Chen-Yu Weng

M.S. Student
Wei Chang

M.S. Student
Shau-Min Chen

M.S. Student
Wan-Yu Chung

M.S. Student
Yan-Ting Huang

M.S. Student
Yu-Lun Liu

M.S. Student
Yu-Tzu Chen

Admin Assistant
En-Ling Lin

Design Assistant
Ling-Wen Hsu

Graduated Ph.D.
  • Han-Chung Cheng (鄭漢中) (2010) “3D Similar Part Search and Its Applications,” CEO of GWOXI.
  • Yung-I Lin (林永裔) (2012) “Agent-based Negotiation for Distributed Design,” Deputy Director, CSIST.
  • Hsin-Ta Hsieh (謝欣達) (2014) “Tool Path Planning for 5-Axis Flank Milling Based on Particle Swarm Optimization,” Staff Software Engineer, XYZprinting.
  • Chi-Long Kuo (郭奇龍) (2016) “Tool Path Optimization in 5-Axis Flank Milling by Integrating Statistical Methods,” Technical Lead, AI Research Center, Formosa Groups.
  • I-Jan Wang (2019) (王怡然) “3D Parametric Models Based on Anthropometric Data and Personalized Product Design Validation,” Assistant Professor, Tunghai University.
Graduated M.S.
  • Chung-Chieh Wu (吳仲傑) (2005) “Optimized Operation Planning in Free Form Machining with Geometric Decomposition,” INNOLUX.
  • Yung-Chang Hsu (許永昌) (2005) “Similarity Assessment of 3D Product and Its Applications in Collaborative Design,” POU YUEN TECH.
  • Chin-Ting Chen (陳建廷) (2005) “Geometric Modeling of Developable Free-form Surfaces: Theories and Applications in Design/Manufacturing,” Kaohsiung City Government.
  • Bin-Han Wu (吳秉函) (2005) “Development and Application of 3D Product Modeling Technologies for Real-Time Collaborative Design,” TSMC.
  • Yu-Chiung Hsu (許玉瓊) (2006) “Multi-Agent Collaborative 3D Product Design,” TSMC.
  • Chi-Rung Tsai (蔡其融) (2006) “Geometric Modeling of Developable Surfaces,” ASUS.
  • Zeng-Jan Li (李自展) (2006) “Enhancement of overall efficiency in product development chain based on product structure variation,” ASUS.
  • Wei-Neng Huang (黃煒能) (2006) “Integrated Tool Path Planning Framework for Centrifugal Impeller with Split Blades,” GMTC.
  • Kae-Lin Chang (張愷臨) (2007) “Computer-Aided Product Variant Design based on Customer Requirements,” WaCom.
  • Yu-Wei Li (李宇尉) (2007) “Optimized Tool Path Planning in 5-Axis Flank Milling based on Dynamic Programming Techniques,” FOXCONN.
  • Hung Chen (陳鴻) (2007) “Computational Methods in 3D product Disassembly for Green Design,” JIANQIAO JEWELRY.
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  • Wei-Lun Tsai (蔡瑋倫) (2008) “Optimized Tool Path Planning in 5-Axis Flank Milling based on Dynamic Programming Techniques,” NTT.
  • Ya-Tien Tsai (蔡雅恬) (2009) “Semantic Parametric Design of Freeform Product Customization,” TSMC.
  • Yu-Wen Chou (周玉雯) (2009) “Multi-Agent Based Distributed Design Negotiation,” SPIL.
  • Yuang-Tsung Chen (陳淵琮) (2010) “Reduce the Environmental Impact of Product Development based on Product Structure Variation,” TSMC.
  • Chen-Ming Chang (張宸銘) (2011) “Multi-disciplinary Distributed Design Optimization based on Analytical Target Cascading,”
  • Yi-Chun Tsai (蔡易君) (2011) “Improvement of Optimized Tool Path Planning in 5-Axis Flank Milling,” Advantech.
  • Shun-Ya Chang (張舜亞) (2012) “Product Customization Design Technologies in Consideration of Manufacturability,” CNN, New York.
  • Ko-Chen Cheng (鄭克誠) (2012) “Sustainable Product Development Considering Product Portfolio Planning and Components Clustering,” TSMC.
  • Yu-I Yang (2012) (楊攸奕) “Product Customization Design in Augmented Reality: Virtual Try-on and Mesh Deformation,” Alibaba.
  • Juo-Yuan Yang (楊卓遠) (2013) “Real-Time Product Assembly Evaluation in Augmented Reality using Depth Sensing Technologies,” IAdea.
  • Chih-Kai Yang (2013) (楊智凱) “Virtual Shoe Try-On in Augmented Reality using Multiple Depth Sensors,” Coretronic.
  • Chih-Hsin Hsu (2013) (許智昕) “Enhancing The Effectiveness of Tool Path Planning in 5-Axis Flank Machining,” TSMC.
  • Chun-Yang Tseng (2013) (曾浚洋) “Texture Mapping Driven 3D Parametric Modeling of Human Faces,” Amazon.
  • Wei-Hua Liu (2013) (劉惟華) “Decision Making for Sustainable Product Development Considering Modularized Design,” CSIST.
  • Po-Yuan Huang (黃柏源) (2014) “Product Customized Design Using 3D Parametric Face Models,” Esun Bank.
  • Yao-Hsuan Chen (陳耀軒) (2015) “Improving Augmented Reality Applications Integrated with Depth Sensing Technologies,” Alibaba.
  • Erh-Ting Kao (高爾廷) (2015) “Perception Differences in Product Design Evaluation using Physical and Virtual Prototypes,” ASUS.
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