2020 LAB Summer Tour to Mountain People Resort

We climbed to the top of 鵝公髻山 (elev. 1,579m)! Farewell to Adam Chang, a summer intern from Case Western Reserve University, USA.

2020 Summer retreat to Daxueshan (大雪山)

2020 Summer retreat to Daxueshan (大雪山). What a giant tree!

2020 Welcome Dr. Joel Runji!

We welcome Dr. Joel Runji to join the lab by having a lunch in a Japanese restaurant.

Congratulations! Two groups of students won the best award in 2020 IEEM senior project exhibition!

AR based Smart Inspection Technology for Semiconductor Equipment and Intelligent Flange Spec Recognition Technology using AR technology won the best senior project in 2020!

2020 Xmas Gift Exchange Party & Farewell to Ting!

We had a great time celebrating Christmas. Goodbye Ting & all the best!